Product Marketing

Set up a winning strategy

To develop a winning marketing strategy, you need to go through a few phases: attractiveness, segmentation, competitiveness, positioning, and targeting. A winning process requires practice and a self-training plan. The goal is to make a connection while developing a content strategy.

Product marketing policy - strategies and action

Marketing insight plays an important role in product policy. A product policy is the starting point for a marketing strategy. The principle of the 4Ps is to have a comprehensive vision without neglecting the aspects of commercial strategy. The marketing mix combines four policies: product, price, place, and promotion.

strategies and action

The product portfolio includes all the items managed by a company. The entrepreneur can also entrust the direction to a marketing manager, such as a sector manager or a product manager.


The leading products

The presence of the entire range of leading products is essential for the company’s sustainability.

Attraction products

Attraction products

The attraction product benefits from a thorough communication operation. It is promoted by the distributor.

Define your product offer

Identify your offer by developing an appropriate product or service that meets the customer’s needs. Evaluate the market and the competition in order to develop a new offer.

Set your selling price

When setting a selling price, you must consider the cost your customers are willing to pay. Find out what your competitors are charging.

Choose the distribution channels

Among the distribution channels, there are direct, short and long, intensive, exclusive, selective, franchise, single channel… We distinguish the telephone, the door-to-door selling…

Product data

Better understand
the customer journey

The PIM solution is a powerful, complete, and customizable tool that provides your customers with an excellent product experience. With, you can design and manage contextualized and quality product information across all your sales channels. The secret to a successful customer experience is to create high-quality product information.


Storytelling, to touch customers

Storytelling creates identification, emotion, and memory to create engagement. This powerful tool captures the attention of prospects.

visual identity

The creation of the visual identity

The visual identity represents the basis of a marketing strategy. Its creation puts in place an in-depth reflection of the company.


The power of e-reputation

An e-reputation represents a primordial stake for a brand on the Internet. Take care of it to boost your image and preserve it.

Today's communication!

Communication is changing regularly in the field of digital technology. Nowadays, communication aims to have an influence.

Street marketing
Street marketing promotes a product, an event, or a brand. It uses public places and the street to reach people.

The marketing mix, actions to win customers

A marketing mix is a group of actions and strategies used by companies to position themselves in their sector of activity.

Select the distribution method.

Determine the selling price.

Define the service or product offer.

Strategies to gain customers.